Strong Family & Financial Investments

Strong Family & Financial Investments

Strong Family & Financial Investments = Wealth

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Siage Hosea.  I live in California, married and have four adult children to include a niece my wife and I raised as our own.  I am very proud of my children who are all focused on their education and will soon embark on their respective professional journeys.  I am also nearing the end of my 30+ years career in law enforcement, while currently employed as a professor at a local college.  As I near the end of one career and continue with the other, my priorities have shifted and I am now extremely focused on building generational wealth for my family.  Wealth that can sustain the costs of my children’s college tuition while also providing them with the freedom to pursue careers that pique their interest instead of what is most lucrative.  What good is a lucrative career if you hate going to work?  I enjoyed my career by the way 😉.

My parents were not fiscally savvy, so wealth building skills were never discussed.  With this stated, I now understand the value of investing and how great investments can enable you to pursue goals that pique your interest and are not necessarily the most lucrative.  There are other ways to generate wealth besides working a “9 to 5” job.

My intention for participating in this blog is to communicate with other “like-minded” people in hopes of sharing knowledge and educating each other in the process.

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