Giving Back

Giving Back

Here at Premier Partner’s, we hope everyone is working hard to achieve all goals and aspirations required to live the quality life that they desire. Be all that you can be and once that goal is reached, I’m confident there will even more that you can and will achieved. Remember your achievements rest upon the shoulders of those that supported you. Upon the shoulders of those that came before you. So never forget to give back and keep the reciprocation cycle moving in a positive direction.I say that to say this, never in my lifetime has the importance of a having strong military been more pronounced.

You see what’s happening to our Ukrainian brother and sister. My mind does not have the capacity truly relate to what they are going through. What if the US was in their shoes. Let’s not forget the atrocities being inflicted upon brothers and sisters in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan etc. Imagine if our military capabilities did not allow us to defend ourselves against stronger adversaries? 🤔Fortunately for us we have the strongest military on the planet to defend us. But unfortunately, we do not treat our enlistees and especially our veterans with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Like our teachers and educators, they are grossly underpaid. Don’t forget about subpar health services and career development opportunities. So, we the people its time that we gave back to our veterans. Many of them are doing remarkable things in their respective communities.Please volunteer at your local American legion and other veteran organizations. Especially those in poor black and brown communities where donations are scarce and true philanthropy is non-existent. Please adopt one of your local veteran organizations.In 2021 Premiers Partners Adopted a Veterans American Legion in a poor community.

We contributed more than 1000 hours of volunteer work. We pledged to double that number in 2022 and we are on target to deliver. We plan to adopt another Veteran Organization in 2024. Our goal is to be a vessel that channels the positive energy into noble goals that truly make a difference in underserved communities.  Please take the time to give back to the less fortunate.Please Donate your time and money to American veterans’ organizations. If you do not have one, please click here and donate to the Guy Winton American Legion Post 710.All donations will go to support local communities’ services, like Youth/Programs/

Sports, Veterans Job Training, and Affordable Housing. All donation no matter how small are very much appreciated.

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