Sabbatical 2022

Sabbatical 2022: Tranquility Helps With Relaxation which Helps you to be Heathy. True Wealth Starts with Good Health .Take good care of your Body, your god given Temple and it will take good care of you. Diet, Exercise and try to get in touch with your true self, the one made by god not by a flawed human society.

The weekend you is upon us. Relax, Take Ya Shoes Off, Veg-Out for a Sec. We’re Too Uptight, Too Intense, Too Stressed out and quite frankly, sometimes too Damn Krazy.Do something to take the edge off, you know, take that intensity level down a notch, stop stressing out over things that are probably not that important.

God is important, your kids and family are important, your health is important.. so no mo stressing, Let’s kick back, chill and enjoy life along with another sunset-chasing video from Premier Partner. Let’s start your day off on the right foot and enjoy the upcoming weekend.#godsportraits#chasingsunsets#premierpartners

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