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Real Estate Ownership

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I thought it would be apropos to republish the article below. considering the current state of the real-estate market. If you read the original article, and invested in real-estate during that time, you are probably already jumping for joy after making such a wise investment decision. We recommended buying in hot spots like California and Texas.

Why you ask? Because according to the Norada Real Estate Group the average sales price of newCalifornia homes in 2020 was $626,000. The average median price in 2021 was$820,000. That's increase of almost $200,000 inone year. Outstanding by any measure. Another of our favorite investment area'sis Austin Texas, where housing prices increased from $350,000 in 2020 to$465,000 in May of 2021.   That's a nice Phat $115,000 increase in less than 12 months.

The stock market is hot and continues to yield extraordinary returns for large numbers of investors. Here at Premier Partners we strongly believe in a diversified portfolio. We think Real-Estate is the initial stepping stone for building asuccessful financial foundation and portfolio. It is one of the most important and wisest investments that you can make.

Besides when the real-estate market takes a turn for the worst you at least have a house to live in. When the stock market crashes, you may have to move back home with your Parents or In-laws.

The US housing market is hot overall, so make sure to take advantage of this time and acquire one of the “Keys to Your Success” The time is now. See original Article below:

"A wise man once told me to ensure that Real Estate is a major part of my family's financial portfolio. Fortunately, we took his advice and added a number of properties in both California and Texas. Properties in California continue to appreciate outpacing most of the country.

If you own property in Northern or Southern California, you're basically sitting on a mini gold-mine. If you do not currently own any real-estate, or looking to add to your existing portfolio, today is a good day to get started. Why?  Because the time to buy is now, while "Interest Rates" are still extremely low and inventory remains robust.

Remember Real-Estate is a must have for your financial portfolio's success. If you want to know more click on the link below and received a free 30 minute consultations from the PPC team.

The Time to buy Real Estate is now!

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