Pomona Valley and Church of Abundant Living

Pomona Valley and Church of Abundant Living

Have you ever been Hungry? No have you ever been "Really" Hungry? When you haven't had a meal in a couple of days and you have no idea where your next meal is coming from. When you feel that hunger pain in the pit of your stomach so strong that it causes your tummy muscles to tighten and cramp up. You know when your stomach growls or roars so loud it’s not a joke but actually quite embarrassing. Right?

Have you ever been hungry? I have and it’s an empty and helpless feeling especially when you're a child. Approximately 50 million Americans will lack the food they need this holiday season to feed their families. Surely you can’t help everyone, but helping one or two is a start.

That's why I'm am so pride of my Premier Consulting Partners for continuing to provide contributions to help feed the Hungry. This week so far we have provided food to the Abundant Living Church Food Band and the Pomona Meals on Wheels Program.

We have more deliveries tomorrow on Christmas Eve. Do what you can to help eliminate world-hunger, by donating food, funds and most importantly your time.

God bless and be safe.

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